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New publication:

Munich ’72. The Visual Output of Otl Aicher’s Dept. XI

Researched, written, designed and published by Mark Holt

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This new publication is less a monograph on Otl Aicher but more a lasting testimony to the 70 or so support staff that brought Aicher’s vision to reality over an eight-year period. Little has been written about Aicher’s team and few, if any, of the team’s outputs have been credited to anyone other than Aicher himself, yet the team’s outputs went way beyond printed matter only; the project’s reach and scope was breathtaking – apparel, signage, stadium decoration and seating, cityscapes, souvenirs and the Games’ mascot. The book has so far been three years in the making, the result of research at the Ulm Archive, the Koblenz Archive, the Hans Roericht Archive, the IOC in Lausanne and discussions with more than 20 of those associated with the team.

The book includes:
  • The beginnings of the team
  • Team personnel
  • The creation of the sports pictograms complete with sketches and artwork
  • Gerhard Joksch’s previously unpublished account of the ‘anatomy’ of the sports pictograms
  • A comparative study of the 1972 pictograms and the further refined 1973 and 1975 versions (by Gerhard Joksch and Rotis respectively)
  • The full story of the emblem competition
  • Aicher’s groundbreaking ‘Erscheinungsbild’ (image) concept supported by translations of key documents between Aicher and the Organising Committee
  • The Munich Games design guidelines translated and shown in full
  • The story of the Olympic mascot ‘Waldi’ incorporating the Waldi design guidelines
  • The development of the souvenirs
  • Interviews